The Story Behind the Story

Reign Outfitters is a small, homegrown collection of words from the fields of Iowa, that grew into the lakes of Michigan, turned a corner for a brief spurt in Indiana, and now lives in the city of Chicago, IL. 

A note for those of you who have followed along the last few years:

My name is Sophie. For the last few years, Reign Outfitters has been a dream that I wrestled with, launched time (and time again), and I found myself cycling through ideas that were not growing into ideas that were more than ideas. 

It takes heart to turn an idea into more than an idea. It takes grace to make a hundred mistakes and find one thing that sticks. 

Much like myself, there are many things Reign Outfitters is, has been, and wanted to be. There was also what it was, what it would become. There are, there will always be, things I wish I understood sooner. There are things I wish I would have been able to sustain.

I know now that not everything can be undone, but everything can be made new. 

Beginning in 2020, Reign Outfitters will no longer be the t-shirt company you may have recognized in the past. But it will be more of itself than it has ever been.