On Kingdom Living

The moment when you’re in a crowd and you feel all alone, or jump in the lake during your morning run on a summer day (and finish the run soaking wet and barefoot in downtown Chicago rush hour)...

Those are the first moments in my own life that I think of when it comes to Kingdom Living.

I don't believe it always means pushing through the fear. I don't believe it always means taking a calculated risk on the first try. Sometimes, fear stops us in our tracks. Sometimes, even safe risks feel impossible to take.

I believe it means seeking after the challenge of living fully where we are, regardless of whether or not the situation changes. Celebrating the victories and being sad, too. I believe our hardest battles and greatest callings hold far more in common than we could ever imagine. Both take perseverance. Both take training. Both take mistakes, learning, and growing into the potential that is ahead of us. Both take a whole lot of grace. And many times, one is the foundation for the other.

Your story, your heart, your message for Kingdom Living is different than mine. Though the stories will hold similarities, they will never be written the same. That is one of the many reasons why our stories are so important.

My present hope with Reign Outfitters is that we can join together as a community of people who support each other in sharing, celebrating, and surrendering our stories, to weave together a message of hope, connectedness, belonging, and ultimately, freedom.



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